Bangladesh National Film Award for Best Supporting Actress


National Film Awards is the most prominent film award ceremony in Bangladesh. Established in 1975 by Government of Bangladesh. This is the only film awards given to the Government of Bangladesh. Tamalika Karmakar received this Award for Best Supporting Actress for movie Kittonkhola in 2000 directed by Abu Sayeed.


Mega Start Music and Entertainment award 2016

Tamalika Karmakar got Mega Start Music and Entertainment award in recognition of her outstanding and continuous achievement in acting and theater Performance organized by Mega Start Music & Entertainment 2 October 2016.


International Theatre Festival of Kerala (ITFOK) 2008

International Theatre Festival of Kerala (ITFOK) is an international theatre festival held every year in December in Thrissur city of Kerala State, India. The festival is organized by Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Academy and Cultural Department of Government of Kerala. The festival was started in 2008. This was given to Tamalika Karmakar as a memorandum in International Theater Festival of Kerala 2008

Television Dorshok Forum of Bangladesh (TDFBD) (2005)

Television Dorshok Forum of Bangladesh (TDFBD) is the community for award giving of the Various Television Program by the voting of the Viewers of Bangladesh. It also gives life time awards to various celebrities. Tamalika Karmakar received this award as best actress in 2005.

Ekota Performance Award 2004

Ekota Performance Award is given by Ekota Cultural and Social Organization. Every year they arrange a program to honor best artists all over the country. Tamalika Karmakar received that award as best actress of drama in 2004.

DPL Media City Showbiz Award (2010)

Tamalika won the Award for best actress in stage by DPL Media City Showbiz Award in 2010. This award is arranged By Dhaka Cultural Reporter’s Unity


Ekota Samajik Sangskritik Sangstha Award (2002)

Tamalika Karmakar received Ekota Samajik Sangskritik Sangstha honor for her remarkable acting in Bangla telefilm Kurukkhetro, this is the certificate of this award given at 2002

BTV Child Artist Award (Nutun Kuri) 1982

In 1982 Tamalika Karmakar again received Bangladesh National Television Child Artist Award (Nutun Kuri) in the category of storytelling. This awards was just the beginning of her colorful Career.


International Pen-Palls Club Award (1989)

Tamalika Karmakar Received International Pen-Palls Club Award in 1989 for brings up the Heroic acts of the myrters in 1971 liberation war to the children.

Aronnok Natto Dol Award

She won the honorable medal from Aronnok Natto Dol in their 50th stage show. Aronnok is a prominent theater group in Bangladesh.

Bornochora Natto Goshthi Award

Tamalika Karmakar got the Bornochora Natto Goshthi Award in their 32 years anniversary. Bornochora Natto Goshthi is a very old theater and performance group in Bangladesh.

Shibli Award by Dhaka Theatre


Dhaka Theater had given Tamalika Karmakar Faojia Yasmin Shibli Podok in Shelim al Din Jonmoutshob 2008 for her extraordinary talent and performance in theater for these long years.


North American Bangladesh Cultural Society Award

She awarded honorary Award from the North American Bangladesh Cultural Society.